About TARA

After years of working in animal rescue, in 2011 Kelly Holland founded The Animal Rescue Alliance, a 501(c)3 no-kill shelter and sanctuary.

farm animal friends at The Animal Rescue AllianceTake Care of Your Animals or Please Find Someone Who Will

TARA rescues and finds loving homes for abandoned and abused companion and farmed animals, and offers sanctuary to those who have special needs and can sometimes be more difficult to adopt out. Our animals come from a variety of backgrounds, from homeless strays and ferals to rescues from kill shelters and hoarding situations. Wherever we see an animal in need, we help.

Located at Rancho Providencia, a peaceful four-acre ranch in Chatsworth, CA, TARA is a haven for goats, horses, donkeys, parrots and geese, cats and dogs.

The Animal Rescue Alliance also provides some limited housing and lifetime care for animals through its trust program, “HAPPILY EVER AFTER.” For more information on creating a trust to provide for your companion after you’re gone call us at 818-256-0060.

TARA is currently looking for volunteers to work with horses and our other farm sanctuary friends.

We are also seeking financial assistance through direct tax deductible cash donations and material donations of hay, feed and shavings. For more information about any of our programs or to speak with us about how you can get involved call 818-256-0060.

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