Gabby is an older gal. At 11 years old, this senior lab mix is looking for a nice comfy spot to nap and a gentle and loving home. Gabby (formerly Gabagule) had to be re-homed when her owner needed to go into an assisted living facility for their own safety and health. It was a heartbreaking situation for all involved. Luckily Gaby’s owners  family reached out to us and we were able to are Gabby in! 

Gabby has not spent a lot of time around other animals but seems interested and excited. She’s met other dogs and wagged her tail and sat patiently the doggies checked her out. She is very quiet, gentle and sweet. She has a bit of arthritis, but that’s typical of a large senior dog. Please consider giving the gift of a loving home to this senior dog. Her final year(s) should be comfortable and loving. She deserves nothing less.


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