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Penny (now Gina)

penny2Penny (Gina) was adopted by a family when she was only two weeks old and hand fed by her main human pal, a young girl, for the next two weeks. The family thought it would be so cute to bottle feed a young puppy, just like having a living, breathing doll, NO!!!!! BAD IDEA!!!!, and bad for the puppy who was weaned much too early. Just like human babies, puppies and kittens get strong immune system support from compounds in their mother’s milk. Additionally they learn social skills and behavior from their dog moms. Irrespective of that, the family loved her, the little girl loved her, and for the next two weeks the surrogate young mother slept with Penny, held her in her lap, bottle fed her, and the two became inseparable friends. Unfortunately the family fell on financial hard times and had to give Penny up to The Animal Rescue Alliance. This was horribly traumatic for both the little girl and the puppy.

Anyone considering adopting a pet should consider where they are in their lives and whether the time is right for bringing a pet, which can be a big financial responsibility, into their family. Adopting a pet should be as thoughtful a decision as starting a family with children. In some cases a dog or cat may even be living in your home and dependent on you financially longer than your child! Be sure you read our Before You Adopt page.

penny3Back to Penny’s Happy Endings, New Beginnings Story. … The Animal Rescue Alliance fostered Penny for several months. Although she was a beautiful, sweet dog she was used to a completely loyal relationship with one person, and she was not so sweet with strangers. That was, until she met Gina, Gina’s husband, and their miniature pincher Rocco. Gina had seen Penny’s picture on the adoption site, and thought she looked just like Rocco and would make a good play partner. The Animal Rescue Alliance agreed to a sleep over, and although Penny was a little stand-offish on the first weekend Gina knew she’d be a perfect addition to the family.

The adoption took a few weeks, because Penny was in heat and needed to be spayed before we let her go home. But the family was patient, they knew she was the right one, and she’s now happily in her forever home with her best friend Rocco. Penny’s new family renamed her Gina. You can check out Gina’s recent pics in her new pink dress!!

Help us to continue to find great homes for dogs like Penny (Gina) by sponsoring a foster animal, donating to The Animal Rescue Alliance, or becoming a volunteer.

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