Shadow is a small back puppy, approximately eight months old (estimated). He appears to be an Schipperke or perhaps a Chihuahua mix. Shadow is sweet as can be,f funny and very loving. He loves to dive under the pillows and burrow around before curling up next to you on the bed for some T.V. Speaking of T.V., Shadow hates Fox News and will bark until you change the channel. He’s getting used to T.V. in general. Shadow is a puppy so he likes to play and play and sleep and play and sleep. He was found running thru the streets in Tacoma with his foster mom Precious and his blanket brothers, Benny and Juju. The brothers adore him and he sets a good example as an older brother. Occasionally he just steps on Benny and pushes him down, but brothers will be brothers. 

Shadow is a very sweet and loving little puppy. He is still learning his way around a home and how to manage the whole potty thing, but pups learn pretty quick, especially once they are in a home with a family. 

Shadow is at Kahoots on Devonshire and Mason with Benny every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3pm. 

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