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Kittens – Cleo, Titti, Titus, Ewok

This is Cleo, a female grey tabby and the alpha of the group. She’s 4lbs., sweet, calm and independent. Cleo loves to play with her sister Titti and sleep in the highest part of her cat tree.
Titti is a female grey tabby weighing 3 3/4 lbs. She is very playful, loves feathers and gets along well with dogs and adult cats. 
Titus is a male black and an almost identical twin to youngest brother Ewok. Titus has a very special bound with his brother Ewok and they look for each others company to play and to curl up and nap together.
Ewok is the youngest of the liter and super sweet! He was bottle fed him and while he would have his bottle milk he would move his ears so fast that he looked like an Ewok. He loves to play with cat balls, especially the one that jingle. He loves to chase his toys around with his brother Titus.
To inquire about any of the kittens contact us at adoptions@theanimalrescuealliance.org