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Gabby is an older girl with a sad story and a whole lot of heart. Gabby came to us when her owners extended family reached out to us for help. They were faced with the sad circumstance of needing to place Gabby’s owner into assisted living, due to a debilitating disease. At that time the family also learned that Gabby and her disabled owner were victims of abuse at the hands of their live in caregiver. A heartbreaking situation for everyone. Now that Gabby and her owner have been removed from their abusive situation they are both safe and cared for properly.

At 11 years old, this senior lab mix is just looking for a nice comfy spot to nap and a gentle and loving home. She is so calm and gentle. She loves people, all people, so much! She greets everyone by standing pressed close so she can get a gentle scratch behind the ears. She currently stays here at the Ranch, in the master suite. She gets along great with the other ranch residents, both our long term sanctuary residents and our temporary adoptable rescues. She loves the dogs, big and small and cuddles with some cats as well. She is a beautiful soul and needs love love love. Please consider giving this loving senior a safe and gentle home. Or become a sanctuary sponsor! 

Gabby has not spent a lot of time around other animals but seems interested and excited. She’s met other dogs and wagged her tail and sat patiently the doggies checked her out. She is very quiet, gentle and sweet. She has a bit of arthritis, but that’s typical of a large senior dog. Please consider giving the gift of a loving home to this senior dog. Her final year(s) should be comfortable and loving. She deserves nothing less.


Darcey, Dash & Lane

Welcome to Darcey, Dash and Lane, three sweet and adorable kittens looking for their forever home.  They were dropped off in a box at a pet store when they were approximately 1 week old. Spared from immediate euthanasia by the local shelters, they were taken in, were bottle fed and quickly brought back up to health. Now these healthy 12 week old kittens are happy and playful babies that are growing fast!  They are good around other cats and small dogs.  All three have been fixed and vaccinated and are now looking to join their forever families.
Darcey – Girl – wearing light blue collar
She was the runt of the litter but now towers over her brothers!  She is affectionate and curious about her world. She loves to roll and play but also likes to keep a watchful eye on her humans. She doesn’t like to be left out of the fun.
Dash – Boy – no collar 
If Speed racer and Houdini had a child this would be him!  He is quite talented at pulling off daring escapes with his siblings right behind and look out, because once he’s out he’s gone like a flash. He’s the spunkiest one of the bunch and amusing to watch as he jumps from one thing to another showing no fear. He will keep you on your toes and would be perfect for a family with children.
Lane – Boy – wearing red collar
Lane is a lover and once he locks eyes with you, you better be prepared to stop what you’re doing and pay him attention. He’s fascinated by dangly toys, including long hair. He is the friendliest of the bunch and tough more laid back than his siblings he is still active in play throughout the day.