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Farm Sanctuary

Horses, goats, donkeys, chickens, pigs… just a few of the large farm animals that have come to join us at the farm sanctuary. Many of these animals will live out the remainder of their lives here at our sanctuary. They are seniors or have lifelong medical issues from a previous life of abuse, neglect and overwork. While they are now safe, healthy and free from starvation and abuse, they are in need of friends. They need time with human companions!! Just as our smaller furry friends need human contact and interaction, so too do our equine friends. Please consider joining our team and being a compaion, making regular visits to brush, walk or ride these graceful animals. adoptions@theanimalrescuealliance.org 

Photos, bios and ways to volunteer and support our sanctuary animals will soon be added to our ‘currently in progress’ Sanctuary section of the website.