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Sasha & Casanova

These two little darlings are just five weeks old. Born to a feral momma cat, they had serious upper respiratory infections. They had to be removed from momma cat as they couldn’t breathe well enough to find momma or latch on and feed. Now these bottle babies are thriving and even trying a bit of wet food. With antibiotics and round the clock bottle feedings they are both breathing well and eating like tiny tiny horses.

Sasha had a severe eye infection that, while it still looks scary, is actually healing nicely with a good prognosis for her future. Right now these little sweeties are to young and small to begin the vetting process for adoption. Once they are large enough and old enough (in a few more weeks) they will be available for adoption. Stay tuned for more updates as they grow! 





Ruby is a gorgeous adult female cat looking for her forever home. Ruby is a domestic long hair cat who has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is in excellent health, although she has tested positive for feline aids. Feline aids does not mean a sudden and debilitating end for Ruby though. Far from it. Most cats live ling and happy lives with feline aids. Should they get infections they would likely need to be treated longer than a cat without feline aids. Like with any pet, Ruby would need regular yearly vet visits. Ruby is affectionate and gentle and gets on well with other cats. While feline aids is contagious among cats, it is not easily transmitted unless the cats fight and bite. Ruby currently stays in the same foster home with uninfected cats and it has not been a problem. This beautiful love bug would be a great friend to cuddle up with a watch a movie.