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Unfortunately, wildfires are a part of life in Southern California, and with the ongoing drought, conditions are more dangerous than
PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUSHenry was found in a homeless encampment when he was a baby. Lovingly raised by a sweet lady
The magnificent Mother Tree behind the main house at Rancho Providencia is a 500-year-old oak that’s survived droughts, fires, and
PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS.Gentleman Jack comes from money and was a member of the California upper class before relocating to Rancho
 PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS.Lucy the Goosey came to Rancho Providencia in 2014 from a wealthy couple in Santa Barbara who had
When our baby mamas needed some dope digs where they could pet-mix and chill with the fam, we created the
Buster is just one of many miraculous rescue stories at TARA. One morning at 2:00 AM we received a phone
PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS Many years ago, when TARA was just a twinkle in her eye, Kelly was asked to go
When people first visit Rancho Providencia, they’re usually struck by the peaceful serenity of the property, with its overhanging oak
 Chatsworth, California, has a unique geography, with its breathtaking mountains and remarkable rock formations, including Stoney Point, which has become