TARA Senior Center

Here at the Animal Rescue Alliance (TARA) we have a new mission; to open a Senior Pet Center where older people and pets can meet, enriching both of their lives. Research shows the most serious condition that harms an elderlies quality of life isn’t heart disease or cancer , it’s loneliness.  Animals offer affection, emotional support , unconditional love, stave off isolation, and can help ease grief and bereavement. Here at TARA we are attempting to build a Senior Pet Center that will bridge the gap between pets and the elderly. We hope to work with our local senior centers to arrange times when residents can come and visit. We want to make a conformable sitting area , where seniors can interact with senior pets as part of our Senior 2 Senior program. With the completion of the TARA Senior Center we will help provide companionship to senior individuals through interactions with pets , while also enriching the lives of those pets, which otherwise wouldn’t get the individual attention and affection we feel they deserve. Please help us ! Your donation can make a world of difference to an elderly person and animal . Few projects can have the potential benefits that will result from the completion of the TARA Senior Center. When you donate not only do you help save the lives of animals; you are helping to enrich the lives of local seniors. Currently, there are 231 assisted living facilities, in our area, that could participate in our Senior 2 Senior program. With your help we can bring thousands of seniors and pets together.

The Reality

The Dream