Hazard Warning

Hazard Warning

Flash Flood Warning Issued

In the middle of the most dangerous flash flood as of this year 02/22/2023. I would end up responding to one emergency and having my kittens thrown out of Petsmart. The life of a rescuer never slows, not in rain, hail, flooding, or iced over roads. Rescuers brave these conditions constantly to save animals in need, because that is what we do. 

Helping an Old Friend to PASS

An old friend Leon, a dear kitty at the rescue, had not been doing well lately. He had just celebrated his 21st birthday, when his foster called worried that Leon wasn’t eating very well and drinking lots of water. Worried I immediately left the house and took Leon to the veterinarian. At the vet we did X-rays and blood work. Sadly, Leon was in nearly complete kidney failure.  We gently helped Leon to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Gone, but never forgotten, Leon will be very missed.

The Trouble with Momma

I went to Leslies house to check on the Momma and kittens we had picked up a few days prior. Sadly, all the kittens had died and the mother cat was languishing. I rushed her to the vet. The veterinarian rushed Momma cat back and started life saving treatment to help Momma cat regain her strength. We performed two diagnostic test and are awaiting the results. Momma cat was given fluids and several other treatments. I brought her home and put her in comfy room with a big window so she could choose to look threw the window and see the other cats if she wanted to. Happily Momma cat’s condition improved tremendously , she has eaten a little bit, been rubbing on the window, looking out, and “chatting” with the cats outside her window. I really hope she pulls through and is able to be adopted out. She seems to be in good spirits to spite losing her entire litter of kittens. She seems to just be a baby herself poor girl ! She’ll never end up in the pound or be forced to have babies again. She is the most adorable kitten. She has big yellow eyes and a white spot on her chest. She will live out her last days here at the rescue in comfort, or hopefully become well enough to get a home of her very own.