It’s Raining Kittens !

It’s Raining Kittens !

I had a rare “slow” morning. I got up early and started my day without an emergency. I enjoyed my morning tea and watched the rain fall on the beautiful Rancho Providencia. 

The squirrels played in abundance, and the rain drops danced down the trees. The various animals that find refuge ,here at the rescue, where tucked into shelter next to their heaters, warming blankets, and heat lamps. We worked hard to ensure everyone here at the Ranch stayed warm. 

I was packing up baby kitten Maya to head out to adoptions, when an insane hail storm hit. Tiny white diamonds of ice cascading down from the sky. While it hailed I called my volunteer to let him know that due to the hail, we wouldn’t make adoptions today. Once the hailing was over the ranch looked like it had be sprinkled with beautiful ice diamonds. 

Little Stars ✨ Twinkled into the Rescue

The largest emergency vet in The Valley called me at 10:23pm. They had been franticly calling different rescues in the hopes that someone would pick up the phone. Three tiny lives hung in the balance of that phone call. They needed an experienced bottle raiser asap. For three kittens. So of course I got out of bed and went out in tonight’s storm and picked the kittens up. All three looked healthy and hungry. I brought them to my amazing foster Susan who will bottle raise them until they are weaned and ready for adoption. 

Your donations make it, so we can help more animals in need !