A fellow rescuer was taking a 10 minute walk around her neighborhood.  About halfway through her walk a dog starts walking with her. The German Shepherd puppy came up to her, and sniffed her hand.  Next thing she knew the puppy is trotting next to her.

The puppy followed her down the main neighborhood street. Then followed as she turned on a side street. Then followed her down an alley way and waltzed inside her back porch like the puppy owned the place ! 

The puppy almost made it inside the house but she has a cat so  couldn’t let the puppy in. She got the puppy food and some cheese and called me. I drove over and scanned the puppy for a chip, which the puppy did not have, of course. We named her Jasmine and she will be up for adoption shortly. 

love after loss

Charlie was adopted by an older lady who lives in senior living. Charlie  will be showered with love and care. The twilight years of  Charlie’s life will be full of support and affection.

Thanks to the determination of Charlie’s deceased owner’s daughter and The Animal Rescue Alliance.