Lizard Rock

Lizard Rock

Chatsworth, California, has a unique geography, with its breathtaking mountains and remarkable rock formations, including Stoney Point, which has become a destination for rock climbers.

Hundreds of years ago, this area was home to Native Americans, including the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe. The Chatsworth River, which runs alongside the entire length of Rancho Providencia, would have provided life-giving water to native communities, who considered this land to be sacred.

The natives also revered reptiles and carved the stone structure known as Lizard Rock to resemble the head of its namesake. A large eye can be seen on either side of the west-facing skull, which rests atop a bed of smaller rocks and pebbles as it gazes upon the residents of the ranch.

Today, this captivating construction shares space with The Toddage, but centuries ago it was a place of gathering for tribal villagers to share stories and strengthen communities. Its soulful spirit is a constant reminder of the history, mystery, and magic of this property and region.


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