Mother Tree

Mother Tree

The magnificent Mother Tree behind the main house at Rancho Providencia is a 500-year-old oak that’s survived droughts, fires, and lightning strikes through the centuries and probably shaded the native Chumash and Gabrielino Indians beneath her boughs.

An arborist visited the property once and explained that every grove has a mother tree, which communicates with other trees in the vicinity via mycelium beneath the surface. Mycelia are fungal fibers that spore and spread throughout the soil, connecting plant life in an unseen underground network.

Our majestic matriarch is mother to 26 other oaks on the property. If she senses that one of her children needs something, she can send a message through the mycelium for the trees to redistribute some of their water or nutrients. The arborist advised against trimming her, because the other trees will feel it. If she dies, all the oaks in the grove will decline.

I spy with my little eye a gray and white kitty cat way up high.

For those above ground, the Mother Tree provides cooling shade from the sun and a fun place to frolic for squirrels, cats, and other critters on the ranch. We are extremely grateful for this grand dame and always remember to respect our Mother.


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